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Upper Air Maps

  • Jet Stream Analysis: focus areas include North Amer., North Atlantic, Western NA, N and S Hemisphere
  • U. Wyoming: Choose contoured maps or observations only; Pressure levels or Lifted/K Indices
    Global coverage including U.S., North America, South America, Pacific, Antarctica, North Pole, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, N and S Hemisphere.
  • College of DuPage: Choose contoured maps, or observation maps for US, Northern Plains, Southern Plains, Mississippi Valley, Canada
  • SPC: Choose contoured maps or observations only. Maps and derived fields based on twice daily (00 and 12 UTC) radiosonde data over the continental U.S.
  • Plymouth State: Choose contoured maps, observation maps or create your own overlay maps.



Wx Data Sources


Plymouth State


College of DuPage

Ohio State

Weather Channel


Temperature Surface Temperatures
Dew Point Surface Dew Point Temperatures
Sea Level Pressure


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